Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Day On The Rise.

The full splendor of sunrises and sunsets has escaped me over the last many years.   I had forgotten that the sky could be such a rich deep blue when you are a mile closer to it.   The stars have returned to the sky in their full glory.  Why I ever left the top of the Earth to dwell in the cesspool of life I will never know but I am again amongst those who have chosen Gods country.   The horizon stretches in every direction unmarred by  folly of man.   The peaks of the Rocky mountains point the way.  A new life has been calling me for a long time. It is funny how the new life takes me back to the old.  Home is where your heart is and my heart never left the roots of my youth. 

It is a frightening venture to just throw everything away and go on a quest to seek happiness, peace tranquility and the hope of a better future.   But no matter how hard we have to struggle, what we are finding on our quest, it is better than what we had before we began our adventure.  Nothing was lost and we have everything to gain.

So be it.

Later Y'all.


Jean said...

It's a tremendous leap of faith. But I think you've made a step in the right direction. The peace you're feeling is the reason why it's right.

Admire the glory. We have a beautiful planet. Don't we?

Jeni said...

As one who grew up in the much smaller mountains of central Pennsylvania, then left them for 8 years of work in the big city, and returned "home" 40 years ago this summer,home definitely is where the heart is. It's not been an easy life back in my heart's place -work has been sketchy much of the time -but the other side of the coin -the friends of my childhood, the atmosphere of knowing virtually everyone around me and the boat their ancestors came over on too, plus other amenities -all make up for the financial so-called security of city life completely! Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings and it is priceless!