Sunday, June 17, 2012


I haven't spent any time in Cheyenne in the last 20 years.    Much is the same, but much has changed.  The wife pretty much grew up here and many of the places she remembers as a kid are gone or have changed.  That is the nature of things I guess. It is still a very nice  town.

We were married here 33 years ago come October.   I cry every time I pass the church.   I think it was secretly a den of Satan camouflaged as a church.   I lost my soul and have been in hell ever since.

I was touring with a band in 1980 when we were booked at a hot C&W bar called the Mayflower here in Cheyenne.   At the time I was playing bass and singing backup harmonies with a traveling show.   The Spouse was waiting tables in the restaurant portion of the place. I got her drunk, had sex with her and I ain't been able to get rid of her since.     We walked around downtown the other night and the Mayflower is now a sushi bar.  I about shit. How can I tell the kids I met their mom in a friggin sushi bar. 

There is not much country music on tap for live music here nowadays.   Mostly it is classic rock with a couple of metal places open.   There are just a couple of C & W bars that have bands regular.  Glad I play Blues and old rock.

I think most of the places we played at when we were touring in 1980 are gone now. A couple of them burnt down.   Most were bought out and changed owners and some just closed.  One was taken out in a hurricane.

Fond Memories.......    of things gone like yesterdays morning fart.

Later Y'all.


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Jean said...

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I missed ya... y'aint right....