Monday, June 18, 2012

Midget Hookers

A couple of years ago I played several shows doing guest appearances with another band.  We were playing a rough bar in Marietta Ga.    I probably did 3 or 4 shows and attended several others.   In this bar was a chick probably 45 inches tall.   She wore all the required hooker apparel including 4 inch spike heels.  

I developed a fascination for this short slut.  No one would give me any money.   I could have got laid for half off the regular price.  I am sure she would not have shorted me.  She looked really sincere. I begged the spouse for a little money so I could get a little nookie. It was no small thing for me to get the courage up to ask the spouse for some money.   I was just nuts over her. 

Alas, as things come to pass.  My tiny obsession with this unique sex object had to be let go.  I realized that I could have come up with all kinds of little problems.   I could have contracted a dreaded case of Peanuts.  Or worse yet..... Smallcox.    

I shall just have to let her live in my short daydreams.

Later Y'all.

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Janna said...

Peanuts... smallcox...
(*groan*) (!!!) :o

You mentioned playing in Marietta GA, which reminds me...

Since the last time we kept in touch, I have re-kindled my fandom for R.E.M.
Mid-Life-Crisis Obsession covers it pretty well.

I have an entire Tumblr blog which posts nothing but R.E.M. stuff.
You can see how engrosed I've become. Hey, it's fun.

I have hot wet sloppy dreams about the bass player. (Mike Mills). This guy. He's also the keyboard/piano guy, which makes it all the more sexy to a music nerd like me.
The guy is adorable.

The group retired last year, which was sad.

Anyway, ever since re-kindling my obsessive fandom, I've been reading all these books about the group in their early days. Before they got famous, they played a lot in a lot of skanky nasty old bars in the south (especially Georgia).

So, to make a long comment slightly shorter, your post reminded me of the band playing in one of those bars.

I have no idea if they ever saw any midget hookers.

It's just as well. I'd be devastated if Mike came down with smallcox.